and the ARTIFACTS that were left behind.

   A drawing by Manuel Hinojosa depicting the Mexican Army Generals at the
 Council of War that was held at the dwelling of Madam Powell on Turkey Creek.


J.R. Wicke and Gene Marik at the re-dedication of the Historical marker that was placed at the site
of the Elizabeth Powell dwelling by the state of Texas in 1936 The re-dedication took place in May 2010.




    Mexican 1/2 reale, obv.

1826 Mexican 1/2 reale, rev.     

Mexican Officer's Button  


Obverse and reverse of a Mexican Officer's Button.
 bears the date 1828 and the inscription "la libertad en la ley".
Decorative Button or Cuff Link


Mexican Infantry Emblem Carolos III reale 1782,obv. Carolos III reale 1782, rev                    


Silver Gilt Button with Eagle 

               Brass Button with Eagle




Silver Uniform Decoration                                                                                Brass  Powder Flask                     

  This Lock Part and Key were found near the two silver 8-reales and the broken 1-reale shown below. 
       Speculation suggests that the lock parts could have come from a lock box that was taken as war booty.

  Silver 1-Reale Coin                                          Silver 8-Reale Coin dated 1815                            Silver 8-Reale Coin dated 1815,rev.    

Silver 8-Reale Coin dated 1814                                    Silver Gilt Rectangular Button                              Fancy Flower Button

Mexican Exploding Bomb Emblem                                                                       Brass Stirrup Part              

               Iron Stirrup                                                                                        1826 or 1828  Zacatecas Coin