A Campsite of the Mexican Army on the Middle Bernard Creek in April, 1836.

        A very important event occured in late 1996. A local resident was in the process of digging a pond on his property about 2.5 miles west of the town of East Bernard, Texas when he unearthed a solid iron cannonball. This was a place rumored to have been the campsite of the Mexican Army in 1836. The results of the archeology that took place after this incident changed what was written in Texas history books.
    Gregg Dimmick and Ed Person went to investigate and found more artifacts including another cannonball, musket balls and gun parts identified as being from the India Pattern Brown Bess musket. The Brown Bess was one of the primary firearms of  Gen. Santa Anna's army.  Gregg, Ed and Joe Hudgins quickly determined that the site had the potential of having great significance and they were correct. They contacted the Texas Archeological Research Laboratory in Austin, Texas. The site was assigned the trinomial 41WH91. The owners, Bruce and Susan Badger, allowed the Houston Archeological Society to do a proper investigation of the site. Field work began on September 14, 1996 and continued through November 9, 1996.

 Archeologists documenting the locations of artifacts

                                                          Joe Hudgins and Gregg Dimmick measuring an artifact location

   Portion of an Oval Brass Plate with raised
lettering reading "GRANADEROS".

 Gilded Brass Mexican Eagle Emblem

                                     Rectangular Brass Cross-Belt Plate Measuring 6.5 cm x 4.7 cm and weighs 78.8 gms

                                    Iron Shackle                                                                           Spanish-Style Rowell from a Spur


 A concentration containing three groupings of lead canister shot apparently discarded
 intact.  Traces of their metal cans and wooden bottom were found along with the shot.


Brass Cane HandleIron Bayonet Socket ot the type fitting a Brown Bess Musket.


 No. 6 Line Battalion Button Picture of a No. 6 Line Battalion Flag



             Brown Bess Trigger Guard with Iron Sling Ring                                            Brown Bess Ram Rod Pipe

Brown Bess Trigger Guard Brown Bess Terminal Ram Rod Pipe


                                Unknown Brass Object                                                                    India Pattern Brown Bess Lockplate